Cookies and Milk | Kaden’s 1st Birthday Party
Atlanta Children and Event Photographer

There’s always a little kid in ourselves. That’s why I am proud to admit that I loved baking this “cookies and milk” birthday cake for Kaden’s 1st birthday party. The cute and messy festivity took place in Taylor-Brawner Park, Smyrna. And as you can see, “Cookies and Milk” is the theme of the day.

During the party, Kaden and his little friends had a good time singing, dancing around, and listening to stories.

And as for the last picture, Kaden’s big sister, Siana, tried to steal the spotlight a little bit from the birthday boy. She sat there nicely and squeezed her dearest best friend, Micalah. That is pure cuteness, people. I couldn’t resist to post the picture.