Curious Zac | Zachary Alexander Budiharjo’s 1st Birthday Party
Atlanta Event Photographer

Imelda and Daniel were so ready to celebrate their first son birthday, Zachary Alexander Budiharjo.  The cute and fun festivity took place in Catch Air Johns Creek.  Lucky me, I also had the privilege of baking and decorating Curious George birthday cake for the birthday boy.  And as you can see, “Curious George” is the theme of the party.

Zac was so curious like George :)  His word of the day was a STAR because he thought everything was a STAR.   So cute!  My lens couldn’t resist capturing his gorgeous smile.

The party was beyond successful.  The birthday boy was in great spirits the entire time, and there was plenty of food and drink to go around.  It was sure one of the best day for this fun-loving family, especially for Zac, the adorable birthday boy.   He was the STAR in this party.

Happy first birthday Zac!