Spring Blossoms | The Adisasongko Family
Atlanta Children and Family Photographer

The Adisasongko family welcomed a new addition to their beautiful family.  Two months old baby Mark completed a circle of strength and love their family founded on faith and love.

This fun-loving family, Pandu, Lisa, and their children, eight years old Fino, and three years old Kaylee, plus baby Mark joined in the fun outdoor family photo session.  It was so fun to giggle with the children.  Little Kaylee and Fino couldn’t be more adorable and playful.  Even baby Mark smiled for the camera!

As you look through some of these pictures, you will see the love this family has for each other.  Indeed, Spring is a perfect time of year for family photo sessions.  It is really bringing out the playful side of the people.  I love capturing these moments that tell a story of a blissful, tender, and fleeting time.

It was a pleasure to have Spring family photo session with you all!  Thank you for the privilege capturing your beautiful family.