You Are My Sunshine | Axel Kingston Bong
Atlanta Baby Photographer

Proud mom and dad, Ivana and Ardy are so blessed to have baby Axel Kingston Bong in their life.

Baby Axel was so calm and sweet.  He was only 17 days new to this world on the day of his newborn photography session.  I wanted to thank his family for the privilege capturing their little sunshine, he sure does light their up!

I feel like this is the beginning of Bong family never ending love for the fruit of their labor of love.  Baby Axel will always be the sunshine of their life.  He is just so pleasant and completely adorable.

Enjoy Axel’s newborn photography slideshow at the end of this post :)

Thank you so much, Ivana and Ardy.  Congratulations on your little sunshine!  Enjoy your slideshow!