Sweet at One | Synclaire’s 1st Birthday Party
Atlanta Event Photographer

Fonda and Walter were more than ready to celebrate their first baby daughter birthday, Synclaire.  The cute and fun festivity took place in Hilton Garden Inn.  Lucky us, we also had the privilege of baking the cake and decorating the party with duck and penguin theme as they’re Synclaire’s favorite animals.

Synclaire was the star in her party.  She was so adorable and the camera lens couldn’t resist capturing her smile.  We captured so many fabulous images and at the end I wish for one more day like this.

The party was definitely a blast; there was plenty of food and drink to go around.  But the most important thing is that the birthday girl was happy and in great spirits the entire time.  It was sure one of the memorable day for Hernandez family, especially for Synclaire.

Happy first birthday Synclaire!

Special thanks to Rendy Tendean who assisted me during the event!