Keep on Dancin’ | Akila and Imran’s Sangeet
Atlanta Indian Wedding Photography

Customs and rituals are important parts of the Indian wedding.  Previously, we have viewed beautiful photographs of Akila’s Mehndi ceremony.  We continue our post with photographs of Akila and Imran’s Sangeet ceremony at the Seasons Banquet Hall, Decatur.

The Sangeet is a joyful celebration.  Guests are dancing, singing, socializing, and celebrating!  The bridal and grooms party will each learn songs and dances to perform.  The term Sangeet is Sanskrit, which means as sung together.  This ceremony commonly takes place two or three days before the wedding day.

Please stay tuned for the next post of Akila and Imran’s pithi, nikah and reception photographs.  Thank you guys for giving me the privilege to capture your beautiful days!