A Perfect 10 | Avril’s 10th Birthday
Woodstock Birthday Party Photography


It was such a fun and happy energy that filled the room as Avril walked in and saw all of her family and friends there to celebrate with her.

I have the privilege to captured Avril’s 10th surprise birthday party.  I was contacted by her mom, Vince who was so excited to make her daughter birthday even more special by throwing a surprise birthday party with a gymnastic themed dessert table by Simply Irresistible at Georgia All-Star Gymnastics, Woodstock GA.  Avril is so lucky to have a loving family, mom  and dad, Vince and Bong Ting as well as two lovely little sisters, Febie and Jaselyn.

Avril is an all-star champion in the making for sure, I can see from her gymnastics movement that she performed with her friends.  She also has won a lot of medals from the gymnastics competitions.  Recently she won two medals from the 2013 State Meets Championship.

What a perfect 10 score for a little gymnast as well as a perfect 10 birthday party.
Happy 10th Birthday Avril! Hope to see you becoming a perfect 10 professional gymnast in 10 years.