Two-riffic Birthday! | Synclaire’s 2nd Birthday Party
Atlanta Event Photography

I know everyone says it, but I can’t believe how fast time goes by.  It was a joy witnessing Synclaire growing up, 8 months, and her first birthday party photo and video.

Synclaire is such a lovely little lady, and she’s just turned two!  It was such a fun and happy energy that filled the room as she walked in, and saw all of her friends there to celebrate with her.  Her parents, Fonda and Walter, invited their friends for the two-riffic fun festivity at Tumble Tots, Norcross, Georgia.  You could see the joy on all the children faces for all the fun activities at her party.

Congratulations Fonda and Walter for the privilege capturing Synclaire’s second birthday party.  It was a blast!