Day 1: Mehndi | Amreen + Nizar
Indian Wedding Photographer

This is the first post of Amreen + Nizar’s pre-wedding and wedding photos.  The beauty of their wedding comes forth in the numerous Indian traditions that are associated with the special celebration.  Among the many traditions that are infused into Indian weddings, one of the most well-known is the Mehndi ceremony.

The Mehndi ceremony is one of my favorite parts of Indian weddings.  This is the day when henna is applied on the hands and feet of the bride.  The bride’s close family and friends come together watching the bride gets her hands and feet adorned with henna to make her even more beautiful on the wedding day.  The mehndi artist will often hide the names of the bride and groom somewhere within the pattern.  Nizar’s brother initiated the henna as a good luck.  The Amreen’s mehndi patterns and designs turned out to be amazing.

Please stay tuned for the next post of Amreen and Nizar’s Sangeet, Nikah, and wedding reception photos.  Thank you Amreen and Nizar for the privilege capturing your beautiful days!