All in the Family | The Yang Family
Atlanta Family Photographer

This family photo session completely embodies why it is so awesome to have your gorgeous family in action for fun loving outdoor session.  I love that I had the opportunity to capture this beautiful family.

I adored Karen’s mom and dad, Nelly and Hidayat as a couple.  They raised four beautiful children, Karen, Stefan, Andrian, and Michelle. To celebrate Andrian’s graduation from The University of Oklahoma, they gathered at Karen’s in Atlanta. Turned out, it was also Andrian’s 25th birthday so Karen surprised him with a birthday cake.

The whole family was a blast and little Kemuel, Karen and Kismet’s labor of love,  made the session so much fun.  His smile… is that not the most contagious smile you’ve ever seen?  I felt very lucky to get to work in such amazing winter breeze colors with perfect shooting weather that day! Beautiful building, amazing gardens, and a perfect experience all around!

Thank you so much, Karen, for the privilege capturing your beautiful family, and I truly did have an incredible afternoon with you guys!