Beautiful Simplicity
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

Memories are best preserved by storytelling pictures.  Photography captures fleeting expressions, makes beauty timeless and last forever.  Being a photographer, I sometimes find the perfect opportunity to challenge a new environment and let my creativity and passion to flow.

Started by finding one of southern Nevada’s most beautiful locations, Red Rock Canyon.  If beautiful simplicity didn’t take your breath away then it’s indescribable feeling of peacefulness definitely would.  Added a beautiful couple, Alexandra and Mike, and blended in with fashion and detail, you got yourself a collection of timeless pictures.

All in all at the end of our session, we were mesmerized watching the sunset that stole our hearts as it slowly sink behind the mountains.

A Day In The Life
Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

Red Rock Canyon is part of the Mojave Desert, which stretches out to the corners of California, Utah, Arizona and Nevada.  The sandstone rocks in the conservation area get their color from iron oxide.  Over centuries the iron oxide built up, producing the vibrant, crimson color the canyon illustrates today.

It was a day after WPPI at Las Vegas, NV. Some folks (you know who you are) were looking forward to capture the beautiful Las Vegas scenery with model photo shoots. Since Red Rock Canyon is so isolated, many like this venue as a temporary getaway from the craziness of the Las Vegas Strip. It’s also a popular location for wedding and engagement photo shoots.  Please contact me if you want to schedule your photo session here.