You Are My Sunshine | Axel Kingston Bong
Atlanta Baby Photographer

Proud mom and dad, Ivana and Ardy are so blessed to have baby Axel Kingston Bong in their life.

Baby Axel was so calm and sweet.  He was only 17 days new to this world on the day of his newborn photography session.  I wanted to thank his family for the privilege capturing their little sunshine, he sure does light their up!

I feel like this is the beginning of Bong family never ending love for the fruit of their labor of love.  Baby Axel will always be the sunshine of their life.  He is just so pleasant and completely adorable.

Enjoy Axel’s newborn photography slideshow at the end of this post :)

Thank you so much, Ivana and Ardy.  Congratulations on your little sunshine!  Enjoy your slideshow!

The Magnificent Nine | The Van Zyl Family
Atlanta Family Photographer

Almost a year ago, Bruce and Lindsay tied the knot at the Northlands Church in Norcross, Georgia.  It was a very beautiful matrimony indeed, and all around happiness for them and their family.

Bruce and Lindsay wanted to remember how great they are together as a family.  Therefore they wanted to capture their togetherness in a family photo session with Bruce’s family, the Van Zyl.  It’s always a pleasure when you meet a family for the first time and you just instantly like them.  This is exactly how it was when I met the Van Zyl family for their family photo session at their beautiful house.

Their youngest son, handsome Luke is the cutest poser ever.  Luke’s sister, Liesl is as beautiful as she looks.  Liesl looked so sweet posed together with her little brother and her plus one, Phillip.  Luke’s brother, Ross and his girlfriend, Jordan were also so cute together in all these pictures.

Bruce and Lindsay looked so awesome together.  My camera couldn’t stop taking their bonding love and their fun-loving personalities for being with each other.

The Van Zyl family, it was so wonderful to finally photograph you.  Mom and dad, Bridget and Dionne were so blessed to have Bruce & Lindsay, Ross, Liesl, and Luke in their life.  With welcoming pluses from Jordan and Phillip, we hope to see The Magnificent Nine in the near future :)

All in all, we made some of my favorite family photographs to date.  Van Zyl family, it was wonderful to finally meet you, and I thank you for the privilege capturing your beautiful family.