Sweet Sixteen | Lillian Duong’s Birthday Party
Atlanta Event Photographer

Lillian Duong turned Sweet Sixteen.  It’s a milestone worthy of a fabulous celebration.  It is a day filled with excitement, intrigue and splendor.  It is day for her to always remember – marking her coming of age.

Lillian’s sweet sixteen party was a complete blast!  The party held at Two Urban Licks restaurant in Midtown, Atlanta, Georgia.  The foods were delicious, and the atmosphere had a funky, swanky, and artsy vibe all at once.  She was so lucky to be surrounded by close families and friends.  I love how Lillian’s family came together to make her sweet day a moment to remember.

I had so much fun photographing this gorgeous girl.  Thank you for the experience and I wish you a bright future ahead.

The Big "1" | Arianna Aomi’s Baptism and First Birthday Party
Atlanta Children and Event Photographer

It constantly amazes me how a tiny soul can grow so much in one year of life.  I distinctly remember taking Alexandra’s precious maternity pictures; and then the unforgettable milestone when their beautiful baby Arianna Aomi Myvett came into this world and completed the already beautiful family.

The beautiful day has arrived again.  This time, Myvett family celebrated Arinna’s baptism at Alpharetta Methodist church.  We continued Ariana’s first birthday celebration at their beautiful house.  The party was a blast!  You could see Ariana showered with a lotta love and gifts from close family and friends.  I also made a special custom Minnie Mouse cake for the birthday girl.

It’s a Romanian tradition upon a baby’s first birthday to present him/her with a tray of different objects.  This tradition resembles doljanchi ceremony on a Korean child’s first birthday.  Whichever one baby grabs first supposedly shows their destiny in life.

I love how Alexandra and Newton keeping this tradition alive for their beautiful angel, Arianna Aomi.  Her mom presented the tray to Arianna.  The items on the tray were: a stethoscope (symbolize a doctor); a toy car and money (symbolize prosperity); a book and a calculator (symbolize a scholar); a microphone, a pocket camera, and a junior maraca (a native instrument of Latina America); each of them symbolize creativity.

First, she grabbed the junior maraca! I guess she’ll develop a special artistic ability when she grows up.  She also grabbed a stethoscope.  We guess she wants to become a doctor someday :)

Tradition may be more important than we can ever guess.  They just may be a glue that holds family together in addition to life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

Congratulations Alexandra and Newton for your beautiful family and the cute little angel Arianna Aomi!