Sweet As Can Be | One Month of Caylen Naiara Tjhai
Atlanta Newborn Baby Photography

There is something special about the time right before you deliver your baby when you are so incredibly anxious to finally see the face that you only imagined for 40 weeks.  But when the time comes, you are ready with certainty, and that day is here for this lovely couple, Camelia and Robin to celebrate one month of their labor of love.

Sweet baby Caylen is fortunate to have a wonderful family that loved her so much, and her parents are equally as fortunate to have such a gorgeous angel to put their love into.

Welcome to the world, little angel!

Look Who’s One! | Nicholas Bradley Darsono’s 1st Birthday Party
Atlanta Children and Event Photographer

Fanny and Hendry were more than ready to celebrate their little guy’s first birthday party, Nicholas Bradley Darsono.  Nicholas is such a handsome little fella, and I had an absolute pleasure capturing his first birthday party.  He was so aware of camera, and my lens couldn’t resist capturing his gorgeous smile.

Nicholas chose Elmo as his birthday party theme, and his mom asked me to create a cute Elmo birthday cake for this special event.  It was fun to see all of the work that Nicholas’ mom had put into his party.  She did such a great job!  What a fun birthday this gorgeous little man has!  He is so blessed by fun loving family and friends.

It was awesome meeting you guys!  Congratulations Fanny and Hendry, and happy first birthday Nicholas!