Spring Blooming | Susan’s Maternity
Atlanta Maternity Photographer

Blooming flowers are not the only things to love about Spring. As for Susan, her blooming belly would be the blissful reason she will be celebrating this season more than anything else.

Isabelle Marie Williams– or you will be able to call her Izzy– will bring a very special Spring into Susan and Mark’s heart this time. The lovely couple have been patiently waiting for her to come into this world — a joyful milestone which will change their life forever.

Susan was 35 weeks pregnant when these pictures were taken. I’d have to admit that I am impressed by her endless energy, though I’d imagine that she should be feeling a little heavier than usual. I can only imagine.

Susan and Mark, congrats on your own Spring blooming!

Cookies and Milk | Kaden’s 1st Birthday Party
Atlanta Children and Event Photographer

There’s always a little kid in ourselves. That’s why I am proud to admit that I loved baking this “cookies and milk” birthday cake for Kaden’s 1st birthday party. The cute and messy festivity took place in Taylor-Brawner Park, Smyrna. And as you can see, “Cookies and Milk” is the theme of the day.

During the party, Kaden and his little friends had a good time singing, dancing around, and listening to stories.

And as for the last picture, Kaden’s big sister, Siana, tried to steal the spotlight a little bit from the birthday boy. She sat there nicely and squeezed her dearest best friend, Micalah. That is pure cuteness, people. I couldn’t resist to post the picture.