Giggle Away | Ayden’s 1st Birthday
Atlanta Children Photographer

It’s not hard to see that little Ayden loves to laugh — about as much as he loves poking his birthday cake. Ayden had just turned 1 when these photos were taken. It’s a little bit tricky for me to take the right shot especially when he giggles and tries to change his pose every five minutes. Needless to say, it’s a very pleasant experience though. Happy Birthday, little Ayden! Hope all of your wishes come true! Psst…for more of Ayden when he was six months younger, click here.

A Sisterhood Celebration | Gloria and Angie
Atlanta Portraits Photographer

~A sister knows all about you, but loves you anyway.

Gloria and Angie celebrate their birthday (and their sisterhood!) every year. But this time, they wanted it to be a little more special. They share a few things in common and embrace a few differences. As for the love of shopping and all things pretty, that’s a pure mutual connection.

The big sister, Gloria, decided that a career involving her magic fingers and passion for culinary is the right one for her, while little sister Angie chose business as her playing field.

This photo shoot took place at the St. Regis Hotel Atlanta. As you can see, these girls are big fans of everything glamorous. Happy birthday, Gloria and Angie! Your folks must be really proud parents to see their little girls have grown up to be such starlets!