Picture Perfect | The Handra Family
Atlanta Family Photographer

The Handra family traveled from Birmingham, AL to Atlanta, GA to get their family pictures taken.

The kids, Joshua and Jacy, might be four years apart, but it doesn’t take a scientist to see that they’re related – simply by the strong characteristics that define their smile.

During the few hours of the photo shoot, Joshua was able to share his passion for photography. He was never running out of things to say to his family about how to strike the right pose for the camera.

Southern Cuteness | Carter
Atlanta Children and Family Photographer

The Lums traveled all the way from Anderson, SC. to Atlanta, GA. just for this photo shoot. Mom Debbie and Dad Larry thought it’d be nice to celebrate the one year birthday of their family’s little blessing through a series of imperishable memories: photographs. As you can see, Carter loves the camera and the camera just can’t get enough of him. But really, who can say no to those cute bouncy cheeks?