Welcome to Ethanville! | Ethan’s First Birthday Party
Smyrna Event Photographer

Welcome to Ethanville to celebrate Ethan’s Seusstastic first birthday party!

I fell in love with the red, white and teal combination of colors.  There is so much creative inspiration that can be drawn from Dr. Seuss, and Princess did a great job bringing the playful “The Cat in the Hat” stories to life in the first birthday celebration that she created for her son.  Princess and Joel transformed Brawner Hall in Smyrna, Georgia to Ethanville.

The party went smoothly and everything turned out so cute.  You could see the joy on all the children faces for all the fun activities, face painting, balloon twisting, and Cat in The Hat appearance.  The birthday boy is such a gem – in great spirit enjoying his first birthday celebration.  You can see how happy he smashed his birthday cake.

Congratulations Princess and Joel for your beautiful family and your little prince, Ethan.  Happy first birthday Ethan!

Sweet Evelyn | Evelyn’s Doljanchi
Duluth First Birthday Photographer

Evelyn is the sweetest one year old girl. She had her first Doljanchi, Korean first birthday party.  This event blesses the child with a prosperous
future. Evelyn’s family currently lives in NYC, but her family wants to celebrate her first Dol with their close friends and family in Atlanta,

Mia and Brett is a lucky parent having three gorgeous children, Sophie, Olivia, and little Evelyn.  They did an amazing job planning the party. The party was a blast with plenty of foods, drinks, and filled with fun and laughter from the Crawford families and friends.

There was an iPad setup to play the slideshow from Eveylyn’s first year, cards for guests to write messages to Evelyn, and also guessing cards for the Doljabi.  The Doljabi is a first birthday tradition where the birthday child is given a set of objects to choose from.  The birthday child will pick an item to symbolize his/her future.  The four Doljabi items (and meanings) were, a thread (longevity), a calligraphy brush (scholar), a bow and an arrow (courage), and coins (prosperity).  Evelyn immediately reached for the calligraphy brush for her first pick. We have got a future scholar in the house!

Thank you Mia and Brett for the opportunity capturing the important milestone of Evelyn’s first Dol.  Happy birthday sweet Evelyn!




Sharon Yang - April 7, 2016 - 3:12 PM

hi there. these are gorgeous first birthday pictures! would you mind if we have them featured on https://www.doljabi.com/party? thanks.