Feeling of Love | Brandon and Nora
Acworth Wedding Photographer

Brandon and Nora are one of the sweetest couples that I’ve ever met.  Brandon contacted me to capture their wedding day with the love of his life, Nora.  At that time she was still in Afghanistan serving in the US Air Force.

Their love story is so sweet.  It started from a wrong text message that Nora sent to Brandon’s cell phone.  But lo behold the knowledge that a future love is inevitable after their first meeting.  Somehow they met, and found each other, somebody in who could not live without each other for the rest of their lives.  Love works in the mysterious ways bonding these two souls.

Brandon and Nora have such a strong love bond between them and you can see it when they are together.  No matter the distance between them, they always have each other’s backs.

What a perfect day it was to celebrate these two.  The aura of happiness was in the air and contagious.  Close family and friends witness the important day of their life.  The ceremony is full of emotions and energy of love.  The receptions were fun with dancing and toast from the best man, Brandon’s brother and maid of honor, Nora’s twin sister.

Congratulations Brandon and Nora on your new life as a husband and wife in North Dakota.  Thank you so much for the opportunity capturing your wedding with all the intimate fun-loving moments.  What a beautiful day it was!