Shower of Love | Violent’s Baby Shower
Atlanta Baby Shower Photography

There are so many milestones to look forward to in the in-between pregnancy and the day of the little one arrives.  It starts with the pregnancy announcement,  the feeling of little one first kick, and maternity photo session.  Violent and Vincent realize the day with the passing of Violent’s baby shower, all of the major milestones have been met, leaving only Vaillant’s birth to make this little adventure complete.  It must be an exciting adventure for this beautiful couple to welcome their first baby.

I had the pleasure of shooting Violent’s adorable Nautical theme baby shower as well as making the cake and the expectation of capturing baby Vaillant in a couple of weeks.  The baby shower was truly a shower of love from family and friends.

Congratulations Violent and Vincent!  I can’t wait to meet your little one when he arrives.

Celebrating The Good Life | The Theng Family
Atlanta Family Photography

“The best days of my life are still ahead of me because even though we are far we tend to love so much. I can only imagine what will happen when we are close together.” ~ Tim Notion

I knew the minute Esther, Shepin, Monica, Michele, Mathew and Ferry showed up we were going to have a blast.  Together, they make up Theng Family.  They took what to wear to heart and arrived looking fabulous.  It is always inspiring when you could be shooting beautiful family moments; celebrating their good life together.

Life passes us by within a blink of an eye and at the end of the day we have only our memories and beautiful photographs to reminds us of times past.  I hope these pictures capture your fun-loving family and everyone’s true personality with natural light and locations that represent each one of you.

Thanks Monica for allowing me to catch what matters most in your life, your special family.