Twice As Much Love & Laughter | The Chang & The Tan Family
Atlanta Children and Family Photographer

“The best thing to spend on your children is your time.” ~ Louise Hart

Words can not express how much I love capturing these two beautiful families.

Meet the Chang family, the proud mom and dad, Irwan and Julyana are so blessed to have three and a half years old Gregory and one and a half years old Daniel in their life.  Joined in the fun outdoor family photo session is the Tan family, Lilik, Isa (Irwan’s sister), and their beautiful children, three and a half years old Emily.

I love their families connection and all around amazing time with them.  As you look through all of these pictures, you will see how much love these two families have for each other.  Indeed, it is twice as much love and laughter capturing two families in one day photo session.

Chang and Tan family, it was really a pleasure capturing your fun-loving personalities; thank y’all!